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Ultema offers a range of services based on in depth experience of developing Electro-Mechanical Actuation systems and managing collaborative Research & Technology projects. Whether you are looking to develop an EMA for aerospace application or have an idea for Research but no experience in gaining funding we can help. If you need broader support for detail design & manufacture Ultema is part of a network of independent consultants that can help.


Ultema recognises that confidentiality is paramount in working with Clients and by necessity keep project details private. In general we have been involved with projects varying from UAV flight & utility actuation through civil flight critical systems to rotor craft EMAs. Please contact us if you have a project in mind and we will be happy to discuss in confidence



Ultema specialises in Electro-Mechanical system concepts as well as Technology programmes. For customers who require a complete  service encompassing the full design cycle and manufacture Ultema works with a network of design specialists and consultants that have the facilities and premises to deliver a project to any level of completion. This network comprises some of the most highly experienced people in their fields ensuring you receive a quality service in all disciplines



Looking to expand your capability in Electro-Mechanical Actuation? Perhaps you are a Mechanical company with a need to introduce Electro-motive capability or a an Electronic Design company with an Electro-Mechanical opportunity. Whatever your need, Ultema can help. From support at the bid phase through to detail design we can aid you. Need broader support? Ultema is part of a network of independent consultants capable of offering  complete Electro-Mechanical design and manufacture to the exacting standards of Aerospace. Services provided cover Electronic Hardware to DO254 level A, Software to DO178 rev C level A, Control Systems, Mechanical Systems and Test.

Other areas of expertise include Research & Technology Funding applications and feasibility studies.



Ultema Consultancy Ltd

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