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Whether Technical proposals for bid at RFI/RFP or Funding proposals for Technology programmes, Ultema can support you through this critical phase. A well written technical proposal is key to winning work and also allows a confident costing to be made to ensure the commercial bid is competitive.

Concept Design

Developing detailed concept design is essential to convincing customers of capability and even more important in  ensuring that the scope of design is understood and preliminary costings can be accurate. Ultema specialises in rapidly producing concept designs with fundamental proving calculations. If needed we can support interaction with customer's engineering staff to strengthen your company's position. Concept designs can be then taken forward by your own engineers or we can assist at all levels of design through a network of consultant companies.

Independent 'Red Team' reviews

If you want to challenge your own design before your customer does then a Red Team review is a strong tool. Ultema can provide design reviews alongside your team in a positive manner to optimise your offering to the customer. Alternatively we can offer support reviews working with your team through each stage of development.

Mechanical Design

Ultema can provide concept and prototype Mechanical design. We can also call on specialist capability through a network of consultants and design experts.

Electronic Design

Ultema can develop the system design for your electro-mechanical actuation system and through a network of independent consultants & experts we can offer detail hardware design to DO254 level A and software to DO178 rev C level A.

Performance & Control Systems

Ultema can provide system level performance calculations as part of the concept development. Also through a network of consultants we can offer full Control System analysis .

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